May 31 2011, 05:54 PM

I am considering making a bunch of Apocalytpic Logs for various fandoms.

Note: What the hell is an Apocalyptic Log.

Zombie Survival Journals (Left 4 Dead style or Resident Evil or World War z or Dead Space)

Supernatural (Campbell journals or John’s journal, anyone?)

Spellbooks (Harry Potter, classic mythology and medieval folklore)

Steampunk and Sci-fi accounts (Dr. Frankenstein’s medical journal, the writings of Van Helsing, Sherlock’s casebook, etc.)

I’m talking detailed books filled with an actual plot, interactive articles, letters, photographs and little memorabilia.


May 18 2011, 10:31 AM

Now you listen, and you listen good.

You’re a wonderful person. Everything about you is amazing and beautiful. Your existence makes this world a better place. All the other typical ‘feel better, feel good’ one liners that I could dish out are applicable.

But there is a reason that they are. They are said for a reason. I’m using them right now for a damn good reason. Quite simply, you make me wake up every morning. And maybe when I continue this line of thought, it’ll make me sound like a complete creeper, but… I don’t care.

I have a very mundane life that is the most exciting thing in the world right now thanks to you. Yes you, the one reading this. It doesn’t matter if we don’t talk at all or if we talk for hours on end every single day. You are still a part of my life and you’re awesome for that alone.

I know that so much out there in the world is screwed up. So many things are difficult and so many things aren’t fair. But here you are, right now. You’re still standing and you’re still breathing. You might be tired and you might be weary but look at you. You are resilient. You are beautiful, because even as it feels like the world is crashing down around you, you’re going to go to bed and try to sleep. And you’ll wake up the next day in one piece.

You never forget the good times- the times when you’re on fire and you’re crying because of how hard you’re laughing. You can’t forget the moments were you were wittiest person on earth and everyone thought so with you. Sure, those moments are really dim right now, but that doesn’t invalidate them. And you know deep down that you’ll have more good times just like that.

So long as one person believes in you, you are unstoppable. And even when you don’t believe in yourself, someone else does. I believe in you. And I am never going to give up on you.